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Fun Winter Activities at Trinity Lake

November 1, 2019 8:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you think lakes are only good for summer fun, think again. Trinity Lake in Lewiston, CA and the surrounding communities offer fun activities year-round. Winter holds many delights in store for those visiting Trinity Lake in the “off” season. To plan your next visit, consider the following Trinity Lake Events in Lewiston, CA, and mark your calendar for winter fun! Lewiston Bridge Lighting and Fireworks: Take some time out from your holiday shopping to celebrate the season at this event near Trinity Lake in Lewiston, CA on November 30. Enjoy craft vendors, holiday treats and seasonal tunes from 3... View Article

Proper Boat Storage Practices During the Winter

October 18, 2019 8:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When it’s time to bring your boat to shore for the season, it’s important to practice good winter storage in Lewiston, CA. How you store your vessel for the winter will determine how well it performs in the spring. Use the following tips on proper boat storage in Lewiston, CA to protect your boat and continue to enjoy it for many summer seasons to come: Drain it: Don’t leave any water in your engine while it is stored for the winter. Be sure to drain it thoroughly to prevent corrosion. Protect it: To further shield your engine from corrosion while... View Article

What to Do When Prepping Your Boat for Winter in Lewiston, CA

September 26, 2019 11:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When winter finally approaches and you get ready to take your boat out of the water for the season, you can’t just park it in the driveway and hope for the best. Treat your investment the way it deserves: by putting care into its maintenance and storage. You’ll avoid costly repairs and extend its lifespan for plenty of happy years to come. We recommend following these easy steps as you prepare your boat for winter: Cleaning, inside and out: The first thing you should do is give your boat a major cleaning, inside and out. Outside, focus on ensuring that... View Article

Why You Should Extend Your Boating Season Through Fall

September 12, 2019 11:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year and summer is starting to feel like a distant dream. The end of the popular boating season always comes too quickly, but you don’t have to give up your relaxing time at the lake just because the kids are back in school. Did you know that autumn boating is still awesome? If you haven’t extended your boating through the fall in Lewiston, CA, you’re missing out on prime time out on the water! It’s a little cooler outside, but with a little extra planning, the fun doesn’t have to stop just because... View Article

Make Sure You Know What Weather Is Unsafe for Boating!

August 26, 2019 11:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Boating is a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family. The only downside is that it’s not something you can do in any weather, at any time. Being out on the water in unfavorable weather conditions can lead to serious injuries or even death. Continue reading to learn more about good and bad boating weather in Lewiston, CA: Thunderstorms and lightning strikes: The middle of the lake is quite possibly the worst place to be in the middle of a thunderstorm, as a lightning strike on the water can be deadly. Keep an eye on the horizon for... View Article