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How to Deoxidize Your Boat

February 18, 2022 8:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re a boat owner, one important yet often overlooked element of boat maintenance you should prioritize is deoxidation. This is a necessary task to ensure your boat looks its best for its entire lifespan. Boat oxidation is a problem that can affect the fiberglass surfaces of your boat, particularly on the hull. Oxidation is a type of chemical reaction that occurs between metals that contain oxygen and moisture in the water or air. It can create ugly spots on the surface of the boat that can really detract from its appearance—and even your desire to get out on the... View Article

Important Tips Before Renting Your First Boat

February 4, 2022 8:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Renting a boat is one of the best ways to get out on the water. You get all the enjoyment of using a boat without having to worry about maintenance, parking, expenses and all the other issues that come with boat ownership. However, there are still a few first boat rental tips you should consider before you decide to get in touch with a boat rental company and make it happen. When renting a boat, tips to follow include: Reserve plenty far in advance: Don’t just expect you’ll be able to get a rental with same-day or short notice. This... View Article

Necessities to Keep on Your Boat

January 12, 2022 6:14 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are a number of boat necessities you won’t want to leave shore without. Some of the obvious things you need to have on a boat include life jackets, GPS and your license and registration. However, there are also some things even an experienced boater can forget. That’s why we’ve provided a list of several important boat necessities. Use the following list to ensure you’re properly prepared for your next boating trip: Safety items: Safety should be your number one priority when preparing your boat for the water. Make sure there are enough life jackets for everyone, especially younger children.... View Article

Tips on Avoiding Costly Boating Mistakes

December 29, 2021 6:13 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A good boat is a major investment. Boat owners put a lot of time, care and money into their vessels. That’s why it’s important to avoid making costly boating mistakes. A simple boating mishap could end up costing a lot of money to repair. Some incidents may even result in irreparable damage to your boat. Avoid boating mistakes by following the tips outlined below. Keep an eye on the weather It’s important to plan the perfect day for your boating trip. That means avoiding days with thick fog or thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are not only dangerous for you, but could also... View Article

Tips for Taking Care of Your First Rental Boat

December 15, 2021 12:08 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Renting a boat for a day out on the water is the ideal way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. Before you head out, there are some important things to understand about boat rental maintenance. Failing to maintain your rental boat can lead to a loss of your deposit or result in less fun for everyone on the boat. Here’s what you need to know. Know basic boating rules Proper first rental boat maintenance begins before you even get to the marina. We recommend starting by understanding some basic boating rules. It’s crucial to know things like how... View Article