Necessities to Keep on Your Boat

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There are a number of boat necessities you won’t want to leave shore without. Some of the obvious things you need to have on a boat include life jackets, GPS and your license and registration. However, there are also some things even an experienced boater can forget. That’s why we’ve provided a list of several important boat necessities. Use the following list to ensure you’re properly prepared for your next boating trip:

  • Safety items: Safety should be your number one priority when preparing your boat for the water. Make sure there are enough life jackets for everyone, especially younger children. It’s also important to keep fire extinguishers handy in case of an electrical fire. Flares and electronic distress signaling equipment ensure you can alert other boats in case of an emergency. Lastly, don’t forget to pack a first aid kit, complete with bandages, gauze, scissors and pain-relieving medications.
  • Fuel: While this isn’t something you keep “on” the boat, it’s important to fill your fuel tank before hitting the water, even if you don’t plan on traveling that far. It’s easy to forget about fuel while you’re having fun with your friends and family. A full fuel tank will help ensure you have a long and safe day on the water.
  • License and registration: You wouldn’t ever drive without your driver’s license, and the same should be true for your boating license. A boating license shows you understand boating safety and is required in many states. California requires that boat operators possess a California Boater Card, which one can obtain by passing an approved boating safety examination. Getting stopped by law enforcement without your license and registration could result in fees and other penalties.
  • A set of tools: There are certain tools you’ll want to bring on your boat in case of a mechanical emergency, including a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, measuring tape, duct tape, a knife and WD-40. Try to brush up on small boating repairs before taking your boat on the water. If you notice any small issues before heading out, let an expert fix them right away. You should never try and perform repairs if you’re uncertain of what to do. This could result in further damage.
  • Sunscreen: One of the many things you need on a boat is sunscreen. It’s easy to accidentally leave that bottle of sunscreen on your kitchen counter. However, sunscreen is essential for a fun and safe day of boating. You never want to expose your skin to direct sunlight, as this could result in painful burns and increase your risk of skin cancer. The CDC recommends “broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of 15 or higher.”

Ready for your boating trip?

As you can see, there are plenty of things you need to keep on your boat. If you plan on renting a boat, make sure the rental company provides the right boat necessities. Of course, you’ll need to bring your own sunscreen, snacks, etc. But a good boat rental service will provide things like a marine radio, generator, chairs and emergency life jackets.

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