June 14, 2022

"One of the few marina's left on the lake , - I personally know the owners great people and I also know there boat mechanic for all there rentals and I know they keep great care and update frequently !"
March 7, 2022

"It's a beautiful place to go and to just get away"
August 19, 2021

July 7, 2021

"Very nice staff that stepped up to the plate big time when my elderly father had a medical emergency about 30 minutes after we launched . Marylin and the staff stayed late and made sure my Dad was safely off the boat and assisted Fire Department in getting him to the ambulance . We were extremely lucky that a Good Samaritan heard our call on the emergency radios and was there to transport us in to the Marina . I would suggest if you rent on the lake that you have Verison cell service incase of emergency.. "
August 19, 2021

"Best and most friendliest place on Trinity Lake !! Great prices in the store and really good selections, Love it :) "
February 23, 2020

"One of the most beautiful places in California"