Boat Repairs in Lewiston, CA

Keeping your vessel in proper working order is all about keeping up to date on repairs and maintenance. If you don’t have the time, equipment or skills needed for proper boat service in Lewiston, CA, trust the experts who do at Trinity Alps Marina. We’ll gladly care for your vessel, to ensure it stays perfectly functional throughout the boating season and beyond.

boat repair


At our boat repair shop in Lewiston, CA, we’re able to provide you with a full and complete scope of repair services, no matter the make or model of your vessel. Our abilities include:

  • Welding (steel) – $100/hr.
  • Welding (aluminum) -$125/hr.
  • Basic labor – $65/hr.
  • Advanced labor – $95/hr.
  • Electrical repairs – $150/hr.
  • Electrical diagnostics – $75
  • Mechanical diagnostics – $65
  • Painting and prep – quoted per job
boat maintenance


The best way to keep boat repair in Lewiston, CA to a minimum is to stay up to date on routine and scheduled maintenance services. Maintaining mechanical and electrical parts of your vessel will ensure they’re not subject to undue stress and wear, ensuring a longer life and better function. We proudly offer the following maintenance services:

  • Oil change oil and filter
  • Tune-up
  • Service drive
  • Winterize motor
  • Battery check and service
  • Snow removal
  • Pontoon service
  • Roof service
  • Deck service
boat parts

Parts & Supplies

Prefer to do your own maintenance or repairs? No problem! We pride ourselves on being your foremost destination for parts and supplies, so you can get to work confidently with the right products in-hand. Some of the materials and supplies we supply include:

  • Gayco
  • Col-Cat
  • 4’x8′ Marine deck board
  • Rubber padding
  • 1/2″ Square tube
For more information about any of the repair services, maintenance tasks or crucial supplies we provide to boat owners, please stop into our marina or give us a call at 530-286-2282.