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Prepping Your Boat for Spring

March 4, 2021 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

You may have spent the winter months avoiding the cold lake water, but spring will be here soon! Spring is one of the best seasons for taking your boat on the water at Trinity Lake. The sun is warm, there’s usually a nice breeze and there are plenty of fish out and about. Spring is also not as blistering as some of those hot summer days, allowing you stay on (or in) the water longer. While you might be jumping at the opportunity to get to the marina in Lewiston, CA and get your boat on the water, it’s important... View Article

What Should a First-Time Boat Owner Know?

January 28, 2021 9:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Owning a boat is a joy, as well as a serious responsibility. Between boat maintenance, learning to operate it, getting the right insurance and other related tasks, there is a steep learning curve. Luckily, once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll hardly need to give them a second thought. Here’s everything you need to know when you’re about to buy a boat and use a marina in Lewiston, CA: Know the safety rules: Boating, like driving a car or truck, requires special safety rules to protect you and other people on the water. Read as much as you can about your... View Article

How to Maintain Your Outboard Motor

January 14, 2021 9:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you own a boat, preventative maintenance goes a long way toward keeping it in great shape. Before you dock it at a marina in Lewiston, CA, it’s a good idea to take care of these tasks. It might add a little time to your routine, but it will also add extra life to your outboard motor. Here’s how to take care of your boat’s engine. What to do after every trip Every time you enjoy your boat, take the following steps afterwards to preserve the health of your outboard motor: Flush the engine: Whether you’re out on the ocean... View Article

It’s Time to Winterize Your Boat

October 8, 2020 11:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Now that fall is in full swing and winter is right around the corner, it’s a great time to think about winterizing your boat. This can prevent damage over the winter months and extend the lifespan of your vessel, but a lot of boat owners don’t know how to properly handle winterization. The good news is that there are some basic steps you can take to help you get your boat ready for the winter months. Keep reading for winterization tips from the experts at a marina in Lewiston, CA. How to winterize your boat Here are some tips on... View Article

Maintenance Tips to Keep You Boating All Summer!

June 3, 2020 11:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Boats, much like automobiles, must be kept up with routine preventative maintenance if they are to operate reliably and efficiently for a long time to come. Even if you feel like you treat your boat well and it doesn’t get exposed to a significant amount of wear and tear, it is still crucial to stay on top of your regular boat maintenance in Lewiston, CA, especially when you consider the financial investment you’ve put into having a boat in the first place. Here are just a few boat maintenance tips you should keep in mind, especially now that summer has... View Article