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Navigating Waters Safely: Top 10 Tips for Responsible Boating Adventures

January 16, 2024 10:36 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Boating can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re out on a lake, river, or the open ocean, it’s important to prioritize safety to ensure a pleasant and incident-free adventure. Here are the top 10 tips for responsible boating: 1. Wear Your Life Jacket: The first tip, and perhaps the most important, is to always wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. It doesn’t matter how experienced of a swimmer you are or how calm the water may seem, accidents can happen unexpectedly, and a life jacket can save your life. 2. Weather Awareness: Before heading out on your boat,... View Article

Crafting Unforgettable Memories with Trinity Alps Marina House Boat Rentals

January 9, 2024 10:36 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Immerse yourself in the magic of sunset cruises and overnight stays on a houseboat from us here at Trinity Alps Marina. Our marina is nestled in the picturesque town of Lewiston, offering a gateway to the stunning waters of Trinity Lake. This blog will take you on a journey to discover the charm of Lewiston’s waters and provide a guide to creating cherished memories on your next houseboat adventure. Overnight Stays: A Home Away From Home Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of water against your houseboat, with the breathtaking scenery of Trinity Lake stretching before you. Our houseboat... View Article

The Houseboat Experience in Lewiston, CA

November 7, 2023 11:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Nestled 45 miles northwest of Redding, California, Trinity Lake stands as a hidden gem at the base of the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area. As the third-largest water reservoir in the state, it beckons nature enthusiasts with its 145 miles of pristine shoreline, secluded coves, and breathtaking waterfalls. Surrounded by tall pines, cedar, and oak trees, Trinity Lake is a haven for outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, skiing, and houseboating. The marina, conveniently located 2 miles past the dam, serves as the gateway to this aquatic wonderland. Trinity Alps Marina: A Family Legacy Founded in 2003, Trinity Alps Marina is a... View Article

Splash into Fun: Trinity Alps Marina’s Family-Friendly Water Activities

September 12, 2023 6:25 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Our expansive resort, Trinity Alps Marina, offers a multitude of family-friendly water activities that will make your summer vacation a memorable one. From paddleboarding to swimming and picnicking, there is an abundance of options for everyone to enjoy. With designated swimming areas, attentive lifeguards, and convenient on-site concessions, Trinity Alps Marina provides everything you need for a fantastic day by the water. Paddleboarding – A Fun Adventure for the Family Have you ever wanted to try paddleboarding? Well, look no further! At Trinity Alps Marina, we offer paddleboard rentals for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced... View Article