Tips on Avoiding Costly Boating Mistakes

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A good boat is a major investment. Boat owners put a lot of time, care and money into their vessels. That’s why it’s important to avoid making costly boating mistakes. A simple boating mishap could end up costing a lot of money to repair. Some incidents may even result in irreparable damage to your boat.

Avoid boating mistakes by following the tips outlined below.

Keep an eye on the weather

It’s important to plan the perfect day for your boating trip. That means avoiding days with thick fog or thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are not only dangerous for you, but could also cause major damage to your boat. One lightning strike could damage all electronics and even start a fire on your vessel.

The problem with boating during foggy weather is limited visibility. You don’t want to end up crashing into another boat because you couldn’t see each other coming. That’s why it’s almost always best to wait for a clear, pleasant day to go boating.

Stay aware of your surroundings

Just like when driving a car, it’s important to be aware of everything around you when operating a boat. For example, you shouldn’t ever pass a boat without first looking ahead of the other boat and behind your own. Looking ahead will prevent you from driving full force into a boat coming in your direction.

Don’t ever take your eyes off the water when steering. Looking away even once could result in disastrous consequences. Even if it sounds like everyone behind you is having a great time, wait until stopping before joining in the fun.

Take care of small repairs before hitting the water

So, you’re packed and ready to hit the water, but the boat has trouble starting. Even if your boat starts eventually, it’s best to reschedule and have your boat checked out. Trouble starting could be the sign of a dead battery, lack of fuel or filter problems, to name just a few possibilities.

You don’t want to be in the middle of the water and realize your boat won’t start. Plus, small problems can easily turn into large ones if left without repairs.

Common issues to watch out for include leaks, sputtering, overheating and steering problems. Don’t ignore these issues. Talk to a boat repair professional right away.

Avoid alcohol

One of the most common causes of costly boating mistakes is alcohol consumption. In fact, it’s illegal to drive a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in several states, including California. There are many ways to have fun on a boat without drinking alcohol. You could fish, swim, enjoy a delicious meal or simply relax with friends and family.

Bring your boat in for maintenance

The best way to ensure your boat is water-ready and avoid costly boating mistakes is by investing in professional maintenance. Boating maintenance often includes tune-ups, oil changes, battery checks, deck service, roof service and more. Take care of any and all repairs before hitting the water.

If you’re a Lewiston, CA boater in need of top-quality boat repairs or maintenance, visit Trinity Alps Marina. We’ll make sure your boat is ready to run at its best all season long!

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