Important Tips Before Renting Your First Boat

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Renting a boat is one of the best ways to get out on the water. You get all the enjoyment of using a boat without having to worry about maintenance, parking, expenses and all the other issues that come with boat ownership.

However, there are still a few first boat rental tips you should consider before you decide to get in touch with a boat rental company and make it happen.

When renting a boat, tips to follow include:

  • Reserve plenty far in advance: Don’t just expect you’ll be able to get a rental with same-day or short notice. This is especially true between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the busiest boating season of the year. Plan ahead and make sure you get your rental reservation in as soon as you know you’re going to be doing it.
  • Arrive early: Getting to the rental facility early gives you plenty of time to get your paperwork done and make check-in as smooth as possible. This ensures you will be able to spend more time out on the water rather than wasting precious minutes inside trying to get your papers straightened out. Come prepared with any documents you need to bring with you, and have your confirmation paperwork available so it’s easy for them to look up your reservation.
  • Rent the right equipment: Consider the number of people you’re going to have in your party, the kind of outing you’re going to have out on the water and your level of experience with boating. Based on these factors, choose the right type of boat that will meet your needs.
  • Inspect the boat before you depart: Perform a visual inspection of the boat before you leave. Take note of anything that appears to be damaged or not working, and report this damage ahead of time. This will protect you from potential liability for that damage to the vessel.
  • Plan ahead: Know what you want out of your trip, and have a plan for where you will go and what you will do. Prepare yourself for weather, keeping an eye on the forecast and anything that could potentially occur in terms of weather events. Have the contact information for the marina readily available so you can get in touch if needed, and let others know how long you intend to be out so they can check on you if you are late in your return. Have a way to tell time that does not rely on cell phone signals or batteries.
  • Bring the necessities: When heading out on your rental boat, make sure you pack all of the necessities. This includes clothes for all weather scenarios, water, food, sunscreen, towels and a cooler. You might also consider bringing blankets, clothing and toiletries. Just make sure you don’t overpack, especially for an excursion that’s just a few hours.

For more first boat rental tips, contact our team at Trinity Alps Marina today, and we will be happy to assist you.

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