Eight Everyday Tips for Boat Maintenance in Lewiston, CA

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Have you winterized your boat yet? Do you have a plan for de-winterizing it in the spring? You might wish that that was the extent of what boat servicing in Lewiston, CA entails, but once you’re back out on the water, you should still proactively take care of your boat. We’ve rounded up eight of our best maintenance tips to make sure your boat runs great all season long. Depending on how old your boat is and what you use it for, your maintenance might include more items than what’s on this list, but this is a good starting point:

  • Take care of your engine: Every 50 to 100 hours running, you’ll need to do an oil change—but it’s also a good idea to keep your eye on the oil every time you use the boat, and top it off if it’s looking a bit low. Moving parts should be coated with an anti-corrosive agent. Inspect the hoses and lines, and check for oil or fuel leaks.
  • Flush the engine after every use: No matter what kind of water you’re boating in, the engine needs to be flushed with fresh water after every use. This helps remove salt crystals as well as sand or other detritus that will harm your engine. Many engines these days have automatic freshwater flushing systems.
  • Check your propeller: Is your propeller firmly secured by the prop nut and cotter pin? Are there dents, dings, nicks or bent blades? You’ll need to replace your propeller. Make sure it’s also lubricated and that the prop line is free of debris.
  • Dry storage: Creating a dry storage area is essential. Anything that will retain moisture and grow mold and mildew should be put in dry storage.
  • Clean like a machine: Storage compartments and livewells can harbor water, even if they’re self-draining. Check to make sure it’s all gone, and clean up any excess. Sweep or vacuum up dust and debris, and make sure all your gear is stored without protruding parts or lines.
  • Maintain your upholstery: Upholstery is notoriously bad for collecting dirt, grime and other muck that comes with a day spent out on the water, and if it’s left unattended, things can get gross fast.
  • Clean the floors: Scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming all of your flooring on a regular basis will keep your boat looking great, and may even enhance its resale value.
  • Everything else: Finally, look around your boat for anything else that could malfunction—lights and steering are two main culprits. Check your fenders and rails to make sure they’re secure, and your lines to make sure they’re not frayed or otherwise aging badly.

Get help with boat maintenance in Lewiston, CA

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