Proper Boat Storage Practices During the Winter

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When it’s time to bring your boat to shore for the season, it’s important to practice good winter storage in Lewiston, CA. How you store your vessel for the winter will determine how well it performs in the spring.

Use the following tips on proper boat storage in Lewiston, CA to protect your boat and continue to enjoy it for many summer seasons to come:

  • Drain it: Don’t leave any water in your engine while it is stored for the winter. Be sure to drain it thoroughly to prevent corrosion.
  • Protect it: To further shield your engine from corrosion while not in use, apply corrosion protection to the engine.
  • Research it: Check your boat’s owner’s manual for any specific instructions about winterizing your vessel. If you no longer have the printed manual, look up your boat online to find these instructions.
  • Stabilize it: Put a fuel-stabilizing additive into your fuel system. Once this has been added, run the engine.
  • Change it: Replace the fuel filters in the engine and any fuel/water separators.
  • Freshen it: Don’t forget to drain the fresh water from your systems, too. This includes tanks, sinks and toilets.
  • Add it: To protect your plumbing during cold temperatures, add antifreeze to your plumbing systems. Once you’ve added this, run any faucets until the antifreeze starts to come out, to distribute the antifreeze throughout the system.
  • Dry it: All water should be removed from all systems before you store your boat for the winter. Remove water from live wells, bilge pumps and any other systems that use liquid.
  • Unplug it: Remove all drain plugs and keep these open while the boat is in winter storage in Lewiston, CA.
  • Clean it: Even if you usually travel in relatively clean waters, your boat picks up debris and organisms that you don’t want to leave on its surface all winter. Give your boat a good scrub down from bow to stern.
  • Cover it: Once you have completed all of these steps, cover your boat. If you will be storing it indoors, you may not need a cover, but it can add another layer of protection for your stored vessel.
  • Store it: Choose a safe, secure location for winter storage in Lewiston, CA. A trusted marina is a good option if you don’t have storage at your home. As you park your boat, check the surroundings for potential hazards, such as falling branches, the presence of animals who might nest in the boat and high activity levels (such as playing children or bike traffic). Try to find a sheltered, quiet place to minimize the risk of damage to your boat while it is not in use.

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