Reasons Why You Should Rent a Boat Instead of Buying

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Wondering how to enjoy boating without owning a boat? It’s pretty easy, actually. In fact, you’ll make things a lot easier on yourself by simply renting a boat instead of owning one.

Boat rental services often offer a variety of different vessels, so whether you’re planning a large get-together or an intimate day on the water with a select few, renting a boat is always the way to go.

Read on for plenty of reasons why you should rent a boat instead of buying one:

  • It’s cheaper: One of the biggest benefits of not buying your own boat and renting one instead is that it’s usually much cheaper. Owning a boat costs much more than the initial price of buying one. When you own a boat, you’ll have to pay property taxes, maintenance fees, docking fees and much more. Things get especially expensive if you own a large yacht or cruiser. You’d be potentially saving thousands of dollars by renting a boat instead of buying one.
  • No maintenance: Providing a boat with maintenance takes plenty of time, energy and money. Most people don’t have extra hours during their week to spend cleaning and lubricating parts of a boat. You’ll also have to worry about checking the oil, changing broken or damaged parts and much more. When renting a boat, the rental company will take care of all the boat’s maintenance needs, so you don’t have to. You’d simply need to confirm your rental and show up on time.
  • You could be wasting an investment: Life can get busy, meaning you’ll have less time to spend on the water than you once thought. This could result in your boat sitting idle at the dock for weeks or even months—this means you’ll be paying expensive docking fees without actually getting much use out of your boat. In reality, many people don’t spend enough time on the water to warrant owning a boat.
  • You won’t get your money back: If you plan on selling your boat in the future, don’t expect to get close to what you paid. This is because boats depreciate in value over time. Wear, tear and engine usage will majorly determine the future value of your boat. When renting a boat, you don’t have to worry about reselling and all the annoyances that go along with it.
  • You’ll usually get extras: Boating rental companies sometimes offer plenty of extras with their rentals, including refrigerators, TVs, radios, air conditioning and much more. When buying a boat, you’ll have to purchase all these extra features on your own.

When renting a boat, you can spend hours on the water without having to worry about property taxes, maintenance or wasting your investment—so when it comes time to buy a boat vs. rent a boat, it’s easy to see why renting is the better choice!

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