Choosing the Best Boat to Rent for Wakeboarding with Adults and Kids

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Waterskiing is so last century. Today, more adults and kids are choosing wakeboarding. This exciting watersport is similar to waterskiing, but uses a skateboard-like board instead of skis. The board offers the chance to do some fun tricks—and you’ll get to avoid tangling your waterskis together and falling over.

If you want to know how to choose the best boat to rent for wakeboarding and other water activities, read on.

What is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is similar to waterskiing. Its roots date back to the 1960s, when surfers would get pulled along the water’s surface on their boards while holding a tow rope. By the 1980s, an Australian brand called Skurfer created hybrid surfboard/wakeboards, and in the 1990s, the first dedicated wakeboard was created.

Today, wakeboarding is a fun alternative to waterskiing, for adults and kids alike. The concept is the same: you’re pulled along the water’s surface on a board. The board comes with straps or “boots” to secure your feet to the board. As you hold the tow rope, the boat takes off and pulls you along. All you have to do is get up on the water.

If you prefer snowboarding over skiing and skateboarding over skating, wakeboarding will probably feel natural to you.

What do I need for wakeboarding?

Here’s a closer look at the supplies you’ll need for your wakeboarding adventure:

  • A wakeboard: Choosing a wakeboard depends on a number of factors—there are several different designs and features that can change your wakeboarding experience. Follow the size guides on the wakeboard packaging to ensure you get the right size for your height and weight. You’ll also choose how much you want the board to flex, which can make it easier to move across the water. The shape also matters—it can make the speed and landings feel different, depending on which one you pick.
  • A tow rope: Next, you’ll need a tow rope. There are ropes specifically made for wakeboarding, including special handles that make it possible to do tricks.
  • Safety gear: Safety is paramount whenever you’re out on the water. All wakeboarders should wear a helmet to prevent traumatic head injuries.
  • A boat: Finally, you’ll need a boat with a ballast bag. This is the best type of boat for wakeboarding because it helps create the best wakes.

What kind of boat should I rent for wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding requires speeds of at least 10 miles per hour, up to 25. Generally, you should look for a jet boat, or a specialized inboard or sterndrive boat. As noted earlier, they’ll need to be outfitted with a ballast bag to create the best wakes.

When starting out, it’s smart to start slower, at 10 miles per hour, and gradually increase your speed. Although wakeboarding is fun, it can be dangerous. You can go faster as you build up your wakeboarding skills.

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