Prepping Your Boat for Spring

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You may have spent the winter months avoiding the cold lake water, but spring will be here soon! Spring is one of the best seasons for taking your boat on the water at Trinity Lake. The sun is warm, there’s usually a nice breeze and there are plenty of fish out and about. Spring is also not as blistering as some of those hot summer days, allowing you stay on (or in) the water longer.

While you might be jumping at the opportunity to get to the marina in Lewiston, CA and get your boat on the water, it’s important to do some proper preparation for the spring months.

Make sure all your electronics are working

Since your boat may have been in storage during the winter months, it’s important to make sure everything’s still working properly. This might include your boat’s navigation system as well as its radio. Both are essential to boat safety and should be inspected for any problems before taking your boat out.

Since your boat lights prevent collisions in dark and foggy conditions, it’s important to make sure they are working correctly as well. You might also receive a fine if your boat’s lights aren’t working. Test your bulbs before taking the boat out, and if there are any problems, consider buying new bulbs or having the lights inspected by a reputable boat service company in Lewiston, CA.

Check your fluids

You don’t want to end up in the middle of a lake and discover that you’re low on gas. Make sure your boat is properly fueled up with gas and other essential fluids before taking it on the water.

Fluid levels you’ll want to check on your boat will usually include hydraulic steering fluid, engine coolant and drive lubricants. You might consider having your fluids taken care of by a reliable boat service company in Lewiston, CA.

Have all your supplies on board

Every good boat owner knows that there are certain supplies you should always have on board. These can include life jackets, signal flares, daily provisions, proper cleaning supplies, knives and much more. It’s also important that all your registration information is located on board.

You’ll probably want to have boat insurance information as well as proper identification on board, too. This will help you avoid problems with any local authorities.

Make sure your boat’s looking good

It’s more important to make sure everything is working correctly with your boat, but you’ll want it looking seaworthy as well! If your boat has collected layers of dirt after being in storage, then give it a good scrubbing. The right cleaning materials will have your boat looking brand new in no time.

You might also consider freshening up your boat’s paint job. You can do the painting yourself or have it professionally done.

Other spring preparations

Having all your boat equipment working properly and keeping plenty of supplies on board will assure a fun boat trip for you and your family. Other preparations you might want to make include bringing comfortable seating and plenty of refreshments. You’ll also want to make sure that your phone is fully charged and protected against water damage.

For boat rentals and boat repairs in Lewiston, CA, contact Trinity Alps Marina today!

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