The History of Fishing

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When most people think of fishing in Lewiston, CA, they probably imagine a few anglers sitting in a boat trying to reel in a big fish for a photo opportunity. Or, they might conjure up images of commercial fishermen hauling in hundreds of pounds of fish to sell to local restaurants or grocery stores.

While both of those fishing scenarios still happen today, it’s important to note that fishing got its start tens of thousands of years ago and has greatly advanced through the ages. Continue reading to learn more about the fascinating history of fishing.

Ancient fishing

Prehistoric records show that humans were fishing as far back as 40,000 years ago during the Upper Paleolithic area. Along with berries and plants, fish were a vital source of nutrition for the hunter-gatherer civilizations. Evidence shows that spearfishing with harpoons was the most common fishing technique in these early days, while techniques we’re familiar with today came about in the Neolithic cultures.

By the 16th century, humans were constructing massive seafaring boats that could be used to catch fish in deep ocean waters instead of just shallow lakes and nearby rivers.

Modern practices

With the advent of refrigeration, professional fishermen are now able to freeze or process their catch onboard instead of hauling it back to port. These advancements allow for longer fishing voyages and thus more fish to bring back for consumption. Today’s methods for catching fish include netting, trapping, angling, spearing and even hand-gathering on the shore.

Fishing for sport

It’s important to note that fishing isn’t just for commercial purposes. Although the industry feeds the masses and employs upwards of 140 million people worldwide, fishers also cast a line for recreation. In fact, it’s estimated that 50 million Americans are fishers during their downtime.

Why rent a boat to go fishing?

Just like prehistoric man, you can still stand on the shore to reel in some fish. However, we recommend renting a boat to ensure a fun time for everyone in your fishing group. Here are a few reasons to reserve a boat for fishing in Lewiston, CA:

  • Catch bigger fish: Most large fish don’t swim or feed near the shore. Instead, they stay in deeper water. To ensure you can catch some big whoppers, rent a boat and head out to the middle of the lake. You shouldn’t have to exaggerate your fishing stories when you cast a line in deeper waters!
  • Enjoy other aquatic activities: We don’t just rent fishing boats at Trinity Alps Marina. We also have pontoons, wakeboard boats, double-decker boats, jet skis and more. So, whether you’re looking to cast a line, go tubing or simply soak up the sun, we have just what you need.

Reserve your boat today!

Although Trinity Alps Marina isn’t open for boat rentals until June, we’re currently accepting reservations. Whether you’re planning on doing some fishing in Lewiston, CA or you want to sunbathe on the water, call us to reserve your boat today. We have a wide variety of boats available for rent, and we’re even offering big discounts for customers who book today!

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