Reasons to Take Your Dad on a Fishing Trip

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Hectic days at the office and improvement projects around the house means finding time to spend with dads isn’t always easy. On top of that, deciding what activity to do is a challenge—that is, unless your dad loves fishing! Continue reading to learn why a day spent on the lake in Lewiston, CA is one of the best activities for a dad and his kids.

Fun for everyone

First and foremost, a day on the lake ensures fun for both kids and dad. Even if the young ones aren’t all that interested in trying to catch a fish at first, dads have a way of getting them to enjoy the activity. After just a few hours of boating on the lake or standing on the shore, everyone’s bound to have a blast.

Bond and reconnect

Because it’s an activity that involves a lot of sitting around and watching the water, an angling trip is a great way for a dad to bond with his children. Without video games or other distractions, a dad gets an excellent opportunity to see what’s going on in his kids’ lives and communicate openly with them.

Leave everyday stresses behind

Peeling themselves away from the office is difficult for some fathers, especially those with stressful or high-powered jobs. That’s not good for the dads or their families! We recommend that all dads get out of the office and go on a lake adventure with their families. Time in a boat allows everyone to de-stress and focus on things other than work.

Get some fresh air

One great reason to catch a fish with dad is that everyone gets outside and can enjoy some fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Allow for a socially-distanced day on the lake, where you’re sure to see some beautiful nature views and local wildlife (and not just the fish you catch). From soaring birds to towering pine trees, you’ll never forget our breathtaking setting in Lewiston, CA.

Catch your own dinner

In addition to making lasting lakeside memories, a day on the water allows fathers and kids to reel in their own dinner. While we can’t guarantee that every fish will be a winner, there are plenty of fish in Trinity Lake that can be cooked up for a tasty feast. But even if you don’t reel anything in, you’ll still have a blast on the lake.

Create a competition

Catching fish with your dad doesn’t mean you can’t get a little competitive. See who can reel in the biggest fish or the most fish during your day on the lake. Just keep the competition friendly to ensure nobody in the boat gets angry or frustrated.

Enjoy the best of Trinity Lake by reserving your boat today

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