How to Maintain Your Outboard Motor

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When you own a boat, preventative maintenance goes a long way toward keeping it in great shape. Before you dock it at a marina in Lewiston, CA, it’s a good idea to take care of these tasks. It might add a little time to your routine, but it will also add extra life to your outboard motor.

Here’s how to take care of your boat’s engine.

What to do after every trip

Every time you enjoy your boat, take the following steps afterwards to preserve the health of your outboard motor:

  • Flush the engine: Whether you’re out on the ocean or a freshwater lake, you’ll need to flush the engine after every trip. Start the engine and let the water pump do the heavy lifting. Make sure that the water stream is putting out warm (but not hot) outflow. If the stream isn’t particularly powerful, you may have a clog in the line. If that’s the case, shut down the engine and use a small piece of wire to work the clog free. Then turn the engine back on, disconnect the fuel line and let it burn out all the fuel in the carburetor. Turn the engine off.
  • Check for leaks: Next, you should take your engine cowling off and look for water and fuel leaks in and around the engine. If you notice anything amiss, repair or replace the parts before running the engine again.
  • Spray with an anti-corrosive: Next, wipe down the engine and spray with a lubricant and anti-corrosive, like WD-40. All the moving parts need to be sprayed. After this, you can replace the cowling and wipe that down as well.
  • Cover the engine: Finally, cover the engine with a plastic cover. This will protect it from the elements.

Don’t forget these regular maintenance tasks

These tasks don’t need to be done every time you take out your boat, but try to do them at least once per month:

  • Check the fuel line and primer bulb: Look at the fuel line and primer bulb. They should be soft and pliable. Are they showing cracks or other signs of wear and tear? If so, replace them as soon as possible.
  • Check the fuel line seal and clamps: Your fuel line seal should seal all the way around to prevent leaks, and your clamps need to be rust free.
  • Look for rust and corrosion on the tanks: Your fuel tanks should be rust and corrosion free.
  • Make sure the tank vent is functioning: Your tank vent needs to aspirate properly—make sure to check it when you perform the rest of these maintenance tasks.
  • Look for water in the fuel: Finally, make sure no water is getting into your fuel. That will affect your engine’s performance and may cause serious damage.

Taking care of your boat ensures it will last as long as possible—which means more days and nights out enjoying the water.

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