Everything You Need to Know About Boat Covers

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Boat owners know how important it is to protect their favorite mode of transportation and recreation from the elements. This includes taking steps to ensure the boat is safely moored when not in use, as well as equipped with an appropriate cover. Trinity Alps Marina in Lewiston, CA offers a range of mooring options for boats all year round. Anytime you’re not using your boat, you should consider these tips for getting the right boat cover to keep your boat safe from all kinds of weather.

Boat cover fabric

The first thing to be aware of when choosing a boat cover is fabric. Weave, weight and material all matter when considering boat cover fabrics. Each of these can each affect how durable and functional your boat cover is. Oddly, even color seems to affect how long a boat cover lasts, with warmer colors like yellow and red wearing out faster than cool colors like blue and green. Heavier weights and tighter weaves tend to be more durable and more expensive. Acrylic is a good, high-end material for boat covers, but the industry standard is a marine fabric called Sunbrella. Polyester is also used in boat covers, usually in mid- to upper-range options.

Boat cover fit

The best boat covers are made to fit your vessel like a glove. Good fit means your boat will be safer from the elements in a storm. Some boat covers are made to be strapped down for trailer travel, and have straps and a tighter profile. Trailerable boat covers can be custom made to fit your particular boat, which is more expensive, or they can be a little less exact for a smaller price tag. Many covers, whether for trailering or not, will have a draw rope in the hem to help keep the cover tight and secure.

Boat cover support

If you end up storing your boat for longer periods at the marina in Lewiston, CA, you’re going to need to support your boat’s cover. Leaving a boat under a cover for a long period of time puts strain on the fabric. Water can pool where the cover sags, which can cause leaks and water damage. Support will make your cover last longer, and will even make your boat last longer by preventing weather and water damage. Poles are the most affordable method of supporting a boat cover so it doesn’t sag and collect water over time. A pole boat cover support can also offer ventilation, which is good for your vessel.

Moorage services and more

Anytime you leave your boat unused for an extended period of time, you should cover it. Hopefully these tips for boat covers will help you choose the right cover for your boat, but if you need assistance in making a selection, our experts can help. For information on boat moorage and more, contact Trinity Alps Marina in Lewiston, CA today. We offer long-term as well as temporary moorage services, along with a full slate of other services for your boat. We look forward to assisting you!

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