What Are the Most Common Boat Engine Problems?

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Having a boat is one of the most enjoyable recreational opportunities out there. Zipping around the lake with friends and family aboard is usually an incredible afternoon that everyone will remember. However, your boat will only reliably perform if you take good care of it. Regular inspections and maintenance are a good start, but some engine problems can be unavoidable over time. That said, with some knowledge and the willingness to break out the toolbox or bring it to the marina, you can identify and perform many boat repairs in Lewiston, CA to keep your vessel in tip-top shape.

Engine cranks over but won’t start

When we hear boaters are experiencing this problem, we can usually make an immediate assumption: there’s likely water in the fuel system. This is unavoidable over time on a vessel that’s made to be used on the water, and it usually sneaks in via improperly stored fuel, a loose filler cap or through the vent line.

No matter how it got in there, you’ll want to check your fuel system and patch up the leak that allowed the water to enter. You should also have a fuel separator and fuel filter installed—this will go a long way toward blocking water from entering the engine, but it isn’t foolproof. If water still enters, then the engine probably needs to be flushed, which can be performed by the experts at your local marina in Lewiston, CA.

Dead battery

Your boat battery isn’t really like your car battery. It comes under a lot more strain thanks to all the wonderful bells and whistles that boat owners add, all of which can drain more power than you might think. Even when these devices are switched off, they can still draw a small amount of power that slowly sucks the life from the battery.

To prevent this, you can install a battery switch on board that completely kills the battery when you leave it for the day. This kill switch ensures that these devices can’t continue with that annoying drawing-off of power.

Engine not performing properly

If your engine is still running, but just isn’t performing up to its usual standards, there could be a number of things you’ll want to look at. The first fix we recommend is to change the oil and filter, which is one of the most basic boat repairs in Lewiston, CA that all boat owners can learn how to do on their own. You should also change the gear oil and the fuel filter, and replace any worn belts you see. Your battery can also play a role here—be sure it’s charged, and it’s a good idea to conduct a load test as well after you check the fluid levels in the battery cells.

If these fixes don’t work for you, then it could be a sign you need professional boat repairs in Lewiston, CA. Here at Trinity Alps Marina, we offer services ranging from tune-ups to electrical diagnostics and repairs. Give us a call today for your free consultation!

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