How to Fish in Cold Water

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Fishing is a very popular pastime enjoyed by people around the world. Whether you are a complete beginner, or you’ve been fishing for decades, it can be difficult to successfully catch a fish—especially when conditions aren’t ideal. If you’re having trouble bringing in any fish while fishing in cold water, consider some of the following advice from the team at our marina in Lewiston, CA.

Why fish in cold water?

A lot of people prefer to fish in warm water, but there are some advantages of fishing in cold water. When the water is warm, smaller fish are typically more active and more likely to get hooked on your line. While this often means that it’s easier to catch fish, it also means you’re less likely to get the big fish you’re hoping for. During the cold months, fish are all more lethargic, and there’s a greater chance that you’ll catch a big fish while you’re on the water.

Tips for cold water fishing

Here are some of the best tips for successful cold water fishing:

  • Fish in deeper water: When it’s warm outside, fish tend to collect in shallow areas, and lots of anglers simply cast off from the shore to catch fish. Once colder weather rolls in, the temperatures in shallow areas can fluctuate significantly, and fish migrate to deeper areas where temperatures are more consistent and stable. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to consider taking a boat out to access deeper water.
  • Change your bait: In the warmer months, brightly colored bait is great for attracting quick, eager fish, but these bright colors aren’t always the right option during the winter months. Since fish are more lethargic when the weather gets colder, it’s better to rely on salted plastics and scented baits to get fish interested. As long as the water where you’re fishing isn’t too muddy, muted colors are fine for bait with strong scents.
  • Use a different strategy: Quick movements are great for catching fish when the water is warm, but it’s unlikely that lethargic fish will be able to keep up with rapid movement of a fishing line. Instead, try using slower movements to lure fish in. Try dragging the bait along the bottom of the water, popping it up periodically and then waiting a few seconds before moving the bait again. This way, you will get the attention of the fish without moving too fast for them to catch up. If you aren’t successful right away, keep at it. Cold water fishing can take longer, but it’s also worth it to catch the big fish you’re hoping for.

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