Houseboating Basics for First-Timers

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These days, people want to find unique ways of traveling and experiencing areas where they don’t live. Sometimes the hassle of getting away from it all ends up being more stressful than you expected due to long lines at the airport, vehicle breakdowns and inclement weather. If you’re bored with the traditional vacation options, consider looking into a houseboat rental in Lewiston, CA.

What is houseboating?

A houseboat adventure offers all of the outdoor recreation time you get camping with all of the conveniences of renting or owning a vacation home. We’ve equipped the houseboats that launch from our marina in Lewiston, CA with all of the amenities you’ll need to venture into the breathtaking surroundings of Trinity Lake.

How do you spend your time on a houseboat?

That all depends on what you’re interested in doing on your vacation. If you’re looking for a quiet respite from the modern world, a houseboat allows you to disconnect and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. Read a book. Play board games with your kids. Soak up the sun.

Of course, you’re also in the middle of one of California’s most majestic outdoor spaces, the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area. Take a hike along the 145 miles of coastline around Trinity Lake. Go for a swim. Teach the family how to fish. Try out watersports like kayaking, powerboating, wakeboarding or waterskiing. Nearby there’s opportunities for hunting, wine tasting, horseback riding and cycling.

Who operates the houseboat?

Believe it or not, you do not need prior experience or a special license to operate a houseboat, just a state-issued driver’s license. When you arrive at the marina in Lewiston, CA, we’ll go over all of the information you need to embark on your vacation. After going through an informational orientation session, you’re ready to hit the open waters and find the perfect place to drop anchor for a day or more.

What’s provided on a houseboat?

A houseboat is a fully functional living space. Similar to what you would find in an Airbnb or VRBO rental, we provide all of the kitchen utensils you’ll need to prepare and eat a meal. We provide any linens you’ll need. We’ve equipped our houseboats with refrigerators, stereos, barbecues, comfy furniture, power sources, clean water (both hot and cold) coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, blenders and chests.

You’ll need to bring along your clothes, toiletries and the food you’ll eat (don’t forget spices or condiments). Additionally, you’ll want to bring anything you’ll want for entertainment such as books, craft projects, games and electronic devices.

How much does a houseboat vacation cost?

A houseboat vacation costs substantially less than the majority of other vacation options. However, the overall cost depends on where and when you’re traveling, the houseboat you select, meal planning and any activities you’ll have to pay to enjoy in the area.

If you’re interested in learning more about houseboat rentals in Lewiston, CA, get in touch with Trinity Alps Marina today. We offer affordable, family-friendly rentals during our season, which runs from June to October. Contact us today to begin planning your next family getaway.

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