Fishing Is Fun for the Whole Family!

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There’s nothing quite like the serenity of a fishing trip. You connect with nature in a peaceful setting while reeling in your favorite catches. For those anglers who want to share the experience with their families the next time they visit our marina in Lewiston, CA, follow these tips.

Family-friendly fishing tips

As a preferred provider of boat rentals in Lewiston, CA, we receive many questions about getting the family interested in fishing. With these easy tips, you and your loved ones will enjoy the excitement of fishing together:

  • Prioritize safety: Especially with young children, make sure you and your family understand all of the necessary safety precautions they must follow. If someone gets hurt on the first fishing adventure, they’ll likely not consider trying it a second time. For safety recommendations about fishing at Trinity Lake, visit our marina in Lewiston, CA.
  • Make learning fun: Fishing isn’t particularly complicated, but there’s some important technical information new anglers need to know. Let your kids learn these details hands-on by involving them in the whole process. Take them to the bait shop. Allow them to test a few fishing poles in a sports and recreation store. Engage them by including them in the entire experience and grant them opportunities to try things on their own when they’re comfortable doing so.
  • Keep things simple: While teaching your family about fishing, keep in mind that they are beginners. Overloading them with information they don’t need detracts from the experience, while possibly confusing or frustrating your partner and children. Start with the basics. As they become more interested in fishing, slowly introduce more recommendations. This allows them to acclimate to the process at their own pace.
  • Quantity over quality: Particularly with younger fishermen and women, you want to try to reel in as many fish as possible on that first trip. This means picking a spot where plenty of hungry fish hang out, even if it’s not your favorite place. The more they catch, the more accomplished they’ll feel. They’ll want experience that accomplished feeling again, making them eager to take another fishing trip with you.
  • Start early, end early: Even though you would love nothing more than to spend the whole day fishing, your family might not. Get your day started early and finish up before it’s too hot or someone skips a nap and gets cranky. As they become more curious about fishing, you can extend the length of time you spend on the water.
  • Enjoy yourself: If you’re not having a good time, no one else will either. Teaching beginners to fish takes patience. Stay calm and soak up the quality time you’re spending with your family.

As you explore options for boat rentals in Lewiston, CA, feel free to use Trinity Alps Marina as a resource for your family fishing trip. We’re happy to make suggestions about fishing spots, local bait shops and anything else you might need to make your family’s adventure a memorable one. Get in touch with us now to start planning your first family fishing trip.

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