Five Tips for a Fun and Efficient Houseboat Experience

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Houseboat rentals in Lewiston, CA are much like camping on the water. In fact, some of the same tips regarding camping can also apply to houseboats. To houseboat like a pro, you need to keep your temporary home safe and clean so this adventure continues to be fun for everyone. Before you visit a marina in Lewiston, CA to find a boat rental, here are five tips to get the most out of the experience:

  • Do not forget foil: Aluminum foil offers flexibility when cooking or storing food. It is the go-to when you camp, and the same applies to when you houseboat. Bring a couple of rolls of it, and perhaps more if you are planning a longer excursion—you don’t want to risk running out! It makes a great heat conductor when you are cooking, and it is easier to cover your leftovers. However, there is an unexpected use, too: put it on the ropes of the boat and fan it out. This will chase away critters when you are moored or anchored at a shoreline.
  • Set up an easy foot shower: The last thing you want to deal with is sand tracked inside the cabin. You are likely required to do some cleaning before you return the boat, and leaving too much dirt will likely make you lose your deposit. Reduce this possibility by filling an empty spouted detergent bottle with water and keeping it at the entryways for the houseboat. That way, it is easy for all guests to wash sand off their feet before entering the cabins.
  • Save money on campfire starters: Make campfire starters before you leave to save money. Take empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and fill them with dryer lint. Store them in freezer bags to keep them dry. Then, when you build a campfire on the shore, you have quick starters ready.
  • Leave original spice bottles at home: If you are planning on some top-notch cooking or a barbecue, leave the spice bottles at home. Instead, move spices for travel into empty Tic Tac containers or use a pill box with compartments. Plastic sandwich bags or small food storage containers also work well. When you have many people in one place, spices are easily lost, or worse, they can even go overboard. Take only what you need and maintain your home supply in the process.
  • Protect eggs: Camping stores make special containers for eggs, but even then, eggs can get loose and break while being transported. The result is a big mess and less fun. Rather than risk broken eggs, break them into an empty water bottle, screw the cap on tight, and then store the eggs in your cooler without risk of breakage. When it’s time for quick scrambled eggs, shake them up in the bottle and poor them into the pan.

For houseboat rentals in Lewiston, CA, visit Trinity Alps Marina. We have four options to choose from, depending on the size of your party and how long you plan to be gone. Call us today to book your reservation at our marina in Lewiston, CA!

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