Waterskiing Safety Tips

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Often, water enthusiasts are interested in boat rentals in Lewiston, CA because they want to spend the day waterskiing. While this sport can offer an abundance of fun and entertainment, it is crucial that all participants follow basic safety rules. Use the following tips to keep you and your fellow skiers safe while you enjoy the water.


  • Life jacket: Never waterski without a life jacket. Even if you are an incredible swimmer, you must always wear a personal flotation device when you ski, and it’s best to wear one designed for waterskiing.
  • Awareness: Skiers should remain alert for potential hazards. Submerged objects, swimmers and anything else that could come between the boat and the skier can put the skier at risk. Keep an eye out for any of these hazards, and check your tow line before you begin.


Whether you own a boat or use boat rentals in Lewiston, CA for waterskiing outings, boat operators must follow several safety guidelines to protect themselves and their skiers:

  • Speed: Provide skiers with smooth acceleration as they start their ride. Use a slight increase in speed to ease them into the tow. Once moving, the boat driver should base the speed on the skier’s ability. For beginners, a healthy speed is 18 to 25 miles per hour, but slower speeds must be used if swimmers are in the area.
  • Turns: If you are towing a skier, do not attempt a sharp turn. If you must turn quickly due to an approaching obstacle, throttle back as you do so, and be sure to signal to the skier that you are making the turn.
  • Spotter: Always have a spotter on board who can keep an eye on the skier. The person driving the boat needs to focus on steering the vessel. The spotter can watch for signals from the skier and alert the driver of problems or requests.
  • Falls: If a skier falls, be sure to return for the pickup right away. Use caution when picking up the skier. Never back the boat toward the skier, and always shut off the engine while near skiers. Keep in mind that even a boat engine set to neutral can spin the propeller, possibly entangling the tow line or injuring the skier.

General tips

  • Location: To minimize the danger while enjoying boat rentals in Lewiston, CA, avoid congested areas while waterskiing. Additionally, stay away from shallow water and sharp bends in the landscape, and do not ski close to the shore. Scout out the area before you begin skiing to find the best, safest area for your outing.
  • Equipment: Check all equipment before you waterski. The skis should be in good condition, with no cracks or splinters. Foot bindings must be secure. The tow line should be strong and properly fitted to the boat.

Stay safe

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