Tips to Enhance Your Fishing Experience

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If you’re planning for a day of fishing at Trinity Lake, following a few simple tips will help enhance your experience. Use these five techniques to make your fishing expedition as successful and enjoyable as possible:

  • Plan: For the best outcomes, don’t try to strike out in a boat without first establishing a plan for your fishing outing. You should be familiar with any fishing regulations that apply to your location, your boat and the type of fishing you plan to do. You should also ensure that you have all the equipment you will need. This includes anything necessary to release fish that you don’t keep.
  • Target: Choose a location, bait and depth that allows you to target the type of fish and the size you desire. This will help you avoid catching fish that you don’t plan to keep. Fish that are caught at depths of 30 feet or more often experience barotrauma when they are reeled to the surface. This condition expands their swim bladder and makes it impossible for them to return to the bottom.
  • Equip: Once you decide which fish you plan to target while fishing Trinity Lake, select the appropriate gear. Keep in mind that circle hooks are best if you plan to release the fish you catch. In addition to basic fishing gear, be sure to bring other supplies to make your outing safe and enjoyable. Always have a life jacket, water, first aid kit, a flare and basic repair tools for your boat on board, and wear layers of clothing for optimal comfort options.
  • Land: To properly land a fish, use a strong line that keeps playing time to a minimum. Try to land the fish as quickly as possible. If you plan to release the fish, aim to do so while it is still in the water.
  • Handle: Proper handling of fish is essential for catch and release fishing at Trinity Lake. Use rubberized gloves and rubberized landing nets so you don’t remove slime from the fish. Do not drop the fish, and keep it in a horizontal position. Don’t keep the fish out of the water any longer than necessary, and use dehookers to minimize handling while out of the water.
  • Recompression: If you notice signs of barotrauma in the fish you have caught, use appropriate devices to help the fish recompress. Signs of barotrauma include “pop eye,” sluggish swimming, bloated midsection and stomach protruding from the mouth. Recompression tools include descending devices, release baskets and release weights. These help you quickly return fish to depth when they cannot do so on their own.

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