What Needs to Be Done to De-Winterize Your Boat?

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When winter ends and it’s time to get your boat ready for the warmer weather, there are a number of things you want to be ready for. Running through a checklist of de-winterizing techniques is something every boat owner should do, because failing to perform these tasks properly can be detrimental to the wellbeing of your investment and hamper your enjoyment of the season to come.

Boat de-winterizing in Lewiston, CA can be a relatively painless task if you take the time to do it right, and our team of boating professionals is always prepared to offer you additional guidance and advice:

  • Check your battery: Give your battery a close look and top off any fluids if they’re needed to make sure it’s in top working order. Boat preparation in Lewiston, CA can start with the vessel’s battery, since if the battery can’t hold a charge, it’s likely time for a replacement. If it’s still able to hold a charge, your next step is to clean off any corrosion from the terminals.
  • Check the engine: Probably the biggest task is checking the engine thoroughly. You want to do this frequently during heavy usage times to familiarize yourself with its workings so you can easily determine what’s normal and what needs to be addressed. Don’t forget to change the oil filter and use the right oil additive to make sure it runs smoothly—the team at Trinity Alps Marina can be a huge help during this process.
  • Refill the cooling system: You hopefully drained the cooling system before you packed the boat away for winter so the coolant line wouldn’t freeze. Now that it’s time for boat de-winterizing in Lewiston, CA, you want to check the hoses for cracks and holes and empty the strainer to make sure the cooling system is in top shape.
  • Clean the distributor: First off, remove the cap from the distributor. Many boat owners are disappointed to learn that their distributors have corroded during the winter, so give this a check first. When you’re done with this task, the next big thing to do is make sure that all connections are hooked up tightly and securely to maintain safety and efficiency.
  • Check the fuel system: Just as you drained the cooling system, hopefully you also filled the fuel system before you packed the boat away—this prevents moisture from forming. Boat de-winterizing in Lewiston, CA now entails checking the entire line for cracks, since freezing temperatures can cause these fractures.

Checking your boat out when spring rolls around is a matter of preparation during the fall. If you’ve properly planned ahead, then de-winterizing your boat should be a breeze. Preparation is key, and going over your boat in the springtime can be a pleasurable experience as you dream about all the good times on the water to come. If you need more information about what to look out for, give Trinity Alps Marina a call or stop by any time—our team is always ready to help out our fellow boat owners!

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