Six Safety Tips When Fishing with Kids

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Fishing with kids is a wholesome activity that will distract them from video games and social media. When it is time for fishing at Trinity Lake, it is best to be prepared for fishing safety in Lewiston, CA. Reading these tips now can mean less chance of accidents later. Here are six tips for fishing safely with kids:

  • Buy barbless hooks: Barbed hooks are excellent for keeping fish on the hook, but barbless options are more humane and safer for child anglers. The same properties that make barbed hooks effective also make them embed should they snag on clothes or skin. Barbless hooks make for easier escapes for fish, but also simple solutions for when they are in the wrong space. If you do not have barbless hooks in your tackle box, you can flatten the barbs with pliers to render them barbless.
  • Use youth tackle: Standard tackle may be heavy or awkward for young anglers. Buy lightweight kids’ fishing gear. It is even available in toddler size so you can start them as early as possible. They can upgrade their gear as they get older.
  • Arrive equipped: Do not slack on packing other supplies. Bring appropriate clothing, polarized sunglasses and eye protection, snacks and drinks. Dress for the weather and wear layers if temperatures are scheduled to change later in the day. Also, if you are looking at conflicting weather forecasts, it is better to be overprepared than underprepared. Rain gear, sunscreen and good footwear will make the difference between good memories and a miserable time out.
  • Bring safety equipment: Even if you are fishing from the bank, bring a float and line to throw out to kids who fall into the water. Panic can lead to drowning, and some lakes and rivers have a fast current. It is much better to be prepared for these instances, even if your child is a strong swimmer. If you are fishing from a boat, equip every passenger with a personal flotation device. Even a good swimmer can be taken away by a current, so never boat with kids without them. Also, do not forget your first aid kit. Cuts and bug bites can make the experience miserable if you do not have treatment on hand.
  • Discuss rules: Fishing with kids in Lewiston, CA should be fun, and many youngsters will want to run wild the minute they are outside. Discuss rules and etiquette on the drive over and give reminders when needed. For example, kids should not run on wet boat docks or handle hooks without adult supervision. If they expect these rules coming into a fishing trip, they are more likely to follow them.
  • Wear a whistle: It can be exhausting to yell at kids all day, and a whistle makes an effective substitute. The jarring sound will get their attention in no time! If kids stray or wander, a quick blast or two will bring them back.

Starting May 1, you can visit Trinity Alps Marina and go fishing with your kids in Lewiston, CA. Stay tuned to our blog for news on marina openings and our best tips for preparing for fishing and boating season.

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