Enjoy Safer Boating Next Summer!

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Boating safety is often taken for granted, especially by people who have been doing it for a while. The false sense of security leads to neglect, and then something happens that upends your world. You can avoid these instances next summer by learning about safe boating practices in Lewiston, CA now. Here are five tips for better boating safety:

  • Wear your life jacket: No, they are not the most fashionable accessory on the market, but they can save your life. In 2017, 76 percent of boating deaths were due to drowning, and 84 percent of those were not wearing a life jacket. Even if you are a good swimmer, the initial shock of falling off a boat or hitting your head may leave you vulnerable to drowning. A life jacket keeps your head above water even if you are unconscious. Find one that fits and stay safe.
  • Know the rules: There are rules of the road and specific procedures for operating a boat. If you plan on taking this up as a regular hobby, take a safety course and learn applicable state boating laws. Also, consider a vessel check to ensure your boat is safe to operate. You cannot know too much about boat operation and safety, so use this offseason to learn.
  • Prepare for departure: Before you float, pass a float plan on to someone you trust. This should be an individual who is not joining you for the expedition and knows who to call if you do not check in. Give them details like where you plan to go, any routes you are taking and when you plan to return. Check in with them when you can; if you are boating somewhere without mobile access, text or call when you are back in range. This can prevent unnecessary panic.
  • Use good judgment: Drinking and boating carries penalties that are the same as a DUI. In fact, alcohol will affect you quickly and more intensely during warm days on the water. Anyone who drinks should not operate the boat. Pay attention to storm clouds, wind speed or a sudden drop in temperature. These are signs of adverse weather, and it is likely wise to get off the water. Know your limits and do not push beyond them just to prove a point. That can get you and your crew in trouble.
  • Take precautions: Your boat should be equipped with a line and float tube and a first aid kit. Also, keep plenty of drinking water on board and know the signs of heat stroke and illness. Water intensifies the sun and can cause dehydration more quickly, which is another reason to avoid drinking excessively. Provide plenty of sunblock, too. Also, bring dry clothes in an airtight bag and encourage your passengers to do the same. If you get wet, you will be much more comfortable on the drive home if you have dry clothes.

Starting May 1, Trinity Alps Marina provides a variety of boating services, including rentals, repairs and moorage. Learn your boating safety in Lewiston, CA now to enjoy a safe boating season later!

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