Why Boating Is the Best for Family Bonding in Lewiston, CA

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Spending quality time as a family is the best way to ensure the kids stay out of trouble and everyone is as happy as can be. But with school, work and extracurricular activities, family bonding in Lewiston, CA isn’t as easy as it once was. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: rent a boat for the day! Keep reading to learn why boat rental is the best way to spend time together as a family:

  • Boats have plenty of space: Do you need room for mom, dad, the kids and grandparents? No problem! We have tons of different boats to accommodate large groups, including our 36’ x 12’ party pontoon that can hold your whole family—even the aunts, uncles and cousins!
  • Leave everyday stresses behind: Getting out on the water is an easy way to leave stress from work and school behind for a few hours. Without any stress, you’ll be able to focus solely on spending quality time with your family.
  • Get some fresh air and sunshine: Is there anything better than getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors? Not really! Instead of staying cooped up inside and playing video games and watching TV, get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful summer weather.
  • No distractions: Staying at home for a game night can be a good way to spend time together, but with TV and cellphones, there are plenty of distractions that impede family bonding. You won’t have those distractions when you’re out on a boat. All there is to focus on is each other.

Tips for ensuring a great day on the water

As we’ve proven, hopping aboard a boat is perfect for family bonding in Lewiston, CA, but you’ll want to follow the steps below to ensure everyone has as much fun as possible:

  • Pack lunches: You can start your quality time together by packing lunches as a family. Though it may seem insignificant, spending time in the kitchen making lunches is a great way to come together.
  • Go fishing: Bring your rod and reel out on the boat and see if you can catch any fish! Fishing is a great activity for just hanging out and talking to your kids about what’s going on in their lives, and your kids are sure to cherish memories of times spent fishing with their parents. If you’re able to reel in some fish, fire up the grill on the pontoon and cook them up for lunch!
  • Turn off cellphones: As mentioned earlier, your time on the water should be free from distractions. Ensure that’s a possibility by turning off your phones or leaving them in the car. You can be without your phone for a few hours while you reconnect with your family.

Ready to have some fantastic family fun? Call Trinity Alps Marina today to rent a boat! We rent out a variety of vessels for affordable hourly, daily or weekly rates. Whether you’re renting a houseboat for a week or a fishing boat for a few hours, we’re your go-to for family boating in Lewiston, CA.

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