How to Plan a Memorable Fishing Trip in Lewiston, CA

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There are a few things you need to do before going fishing—book a fishing boat rental, get a fishing permit and pack rods and other essentials. Below are some tips to help you plan a memorable fishing trip in Lewiston, CA.

Get your license and registration

It’s against the law to drive a road vehicle without possessing a driver’s license and car registration. The same rules apply to boaters and anyone fishing from the shore or from a boat. In addition to having a boating license, you also need a fishing license.

The good news is that getting your hands on a fishing license is not as difficult as it used to be. To buy a license in the past, you had to find a bait shop that sold them and go in during the shop’s regular business hours. Today, getting a fishing license is as easy as clicking a button. Before heading out on your fishing trip, simply go online, visit the website of the state where you plan to fish and buy a license.

Watch the weather

It’s very important to follow the weather forecast for the week leading up to your big fishing trip, but it would be wise to plan for bad weather. Much like the number of fish you’re going to catch in a day, the weather is unpredictable. The forecast may call for sunshine, yet rain is always a possibility, because the air is much cooler out on the water than it is on land. It can get cold quickly fishing from the deck of an open boat, so pack raincoats, jackets, sweaters, boots and extra socks just in case bad weather touches down.

Gather your gear

There’s all sorts of gear to pack for a fishing trip. Of course you need your fishing rod, tackle, bait, reel and line—always bring extras of all these items. However, other crucial items should not be forgotten. This list includes first-aid kits complete with ointments, pain killers, scissors, tweezers, medical gauze, even needles and thread. Bring sunscreen whether the sun or clouds are out, and it won’t hurt to pack a can of bug repellent. Put everyone’s fishing licenses and permits in plastic Ziploc baggies or waterproof containers and keep them where they are easily accessible.

Pack enough food and water

Even though you’re going fishing, and hope to catch many of them, you shouldn’t plan on eating what you reel in for lunch, dinner or a snack. There’s also the possibility that you’ll catch nothing all day. With this in mind, pack filling snacks like jerky and granola bars, and energy-packed foods like fruit, hard boiled eggs and healthy sandwiches. Keep food and water within reach.

Bring a camera

Whether you have a film or digital camera or just your cell phone, bring it with you and take photos throughout your fishing trip. Sure, you’ll have your memories, but it’s great to have some visuals to remember it by.

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