How to Properly Moor Your Boat

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How much do you know about boating? If you’re a boat owner, one of the essential basics is mooring. At some point, you’ll probably need to store your boat for a time, and you’ll need appropriate mooring service in Lewiston, CA.

What is involved in mooring? To properly moor your boat, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose quality: Not all mooring services in Lewiston, CA are equal. To protect your boat, choose quality mooring. Keep in mind the size of your boat and anticipated weather conditions as you moor your vessel. Certain mooring options are intended for short periods of time and fair weather. Others offer greater holding power for longer stretches and storms. Don’t choose a light concrete block that doesn’t provide the stability you need for your large vessel. For quality mooring, look for mooring services that provide professionally installed anchors that deliver maximum protection.
  • Consider land: Know when it’s appropriate to moor your boat and when you should store it on land. Keep in mind that severe weather can leave your boat vulnerable if it is in the water. If the boat can swing on its moor or be blown ashore, the attached mooring system won’t provide the protection you desire. If a storm is approaching or expected while your boat will be moored, it might be worth considering storing your boat on land on a temporary basis.
  • Check for chafing: Did you know excessive chafing can break your line? If this happens, your vessel is at the mercy of the wind and waves as it gets tossed on the water. Always check your lines for signs of chafing. Nylon lines are recommended for mooring, since they offer elasticity, but keep in mind that they can chafe as they slide across bow chocks.
  • Chain it close: For best mooring, use sections of galvanized chain. These should be attached by a galvanized shackle. You should have a primary chain and a secondary chain. Suspend the mooring chain with a mooring buoy. It should ride high enough in the water to be easily seen. Use a pendant to attach the chain to the boat. This should be a three-strand nylon line, stainless steel wire or a chafe-resistant polyester line.
  • Call a consultant: To ensure your mooring will provide the protection you want for your boat, partner with a mooring service in Lewiston, CA. Experts can provide the secure mooring your boat needs to keep it safe. The right input from experienced boating professionals creates mooring that withstands severe conditions and keeps your boat in place, so it enjoys a long life.

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