How to Have the Best Party on Your Houseboat Rental in Lewiston, CA

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Want a unique way to celebrate an occasion or just get away for a weekend? Consider hosting a houseboat party! Spending time on the lake makes for a great getaway, but you can add even more fun to your vacation with a themed party. A houseboat rental in Lewiston, CA makes for the perfect party venue as you cruise around the lake while your guests enjoy themselves. Check out these tips for throwing the best houseboat party.

Make it a theme party

Houseboats provide a great excuse for a themed party. There are lots of different nautical or water-themed options available for you to pick for your party. Consider throwing a pirate-themed party and have your guests come up with their best pirate names. A houseboat is great for a pirate-themed party because you can play games where the loser must “walk the plank” and jump in the lake for a swim.

Another great theme for a houseboat party is a Hawaiian Luau. Many party supply stores sell grass skirts and leis for an affordable price. You can use your houseboat’s portable barbecue grill to grill up some tasty kabobs. There are lots of recipes available for delicious, fruity drinks that can be made easily on a houseboat with fruit juice and chopped fruits like pineapple.

Plan games for your party

A great party isn’t complete without a few games. Many houseboat rentals in Lewiston, CA offer a docking station or auxiliary cord for your iPod or phone. Sync up some music and start a karaoke competition by pausing the music and having a guest sing the next line of the song. If they get it right, they get a point. Go around the room and enjoy learning which of your friends is a lyrical expert!

Not into singing? An easy game that’s fun for kids and adults alike is to write down a list of your likes and dislikes on a piece of paper. You put the papers in a bucket or bowl and each person takes one out without looking. Then you can go around the room and each person has to guess whose likes and dislikes they pulled from the bowl.

Don’t forget to relax

Planning and throwing a party on a houseboat can be nerve-racking. After all, what if you forget something after you’ve gotten out on the water? Luckily, it’s easy to enjoy a houseboat party even if some things don’t go as planned. Being surrounded by nature and your family and friends is usually more than enough for partygoers.

When you’re planning your next big houseboat party, don’t forget to relax. Your guests are sure to have a great time, but they’ll have an even better time if you’re enjoying the party as well. Kick back and enjoy watching your friends play silly games or talk like a pirate.

Choose the best houseboat rental in Lewiston, CA

Choosing the best houseboat and lake for your next party is an important part of planning the best houseboat party. Get the best houseboat rental in Lewiston, CA with Trinity Alps Marina! Give us a call to schedule your rental today.

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