What You Should Know Before Your First House Boat Experience

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Some people love the great outdoors. Whether camping, fishing or hiking, being outside is their thing, and nothing will ever make them say anything bad about being at one with nature. Then there are people who want to dabble in nature, but not commit to sleeping on the ground or getting dirty. And that’s okay, too! If this sounds like you or someone you know, may we recommend a house boat in place of a tent? This way everyone in the group will be able to enjoy the lake, just from a different vantage point: floating on the water. House boats are a great option when you want to have a home away from home while still going on a trip.

So, what are some things you should know for your first house boat experience? Here are some tips from our boat rental service in Lewiston, CA.

Bring plenty of water

Not everyone remembers to pack water for overnight trips. Instead, they put all their focus on other belongings to pack, and other beverages and refreshments, like alcohol and soda. But the fact of the matter is that fresh water needs to be on hand for the duration of your house boat rental. Remember, it’s not sanitary to drink water directly from most lakes. It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated when you’re out on any boat, so fill a few large containers or buy some huge jugs of water for the group to ensure good drinking water is always available.

Plan your meals

Bring enough food for everyone for as many days as your trip will last. You should plan your meals ahead of time, whether by putting together cooked meals and transporting them in a cooler or by shopping for all the ingredients you’ll need before boarding the house boat. If your group wants to cook, be sure to assemble your menu in advance. Some ideas include barbecuing on the shore one evening, grilling freshly caught fish on another night and roasting meats and vegetables over an open fire on a chilly afternoon.

If you want to bring food to cook inside the houseboat, check with the boat rental service to make sure the boat has the kitchen gear you need, as well as a refrigerator for storing perishables. Also, find out what other kitchen amenities come with the rental.

What to bring

Here’s a rundown of some of the extra things you’ll want to bring, which will vary depending on the people you are vacationing with: sunscreen, water and ice, life vests, hiking boots, water shoes, a first aid kit, medications, music players, movies, board games, a jacket and plenty of changes of clothes.

Arrive early

Although it’s not required, it’s recommended you board as early as you can. This gives you extra time to settle into your houseboat rental and relax for an evening or afternoon before beginning your lake adventure. This is also a good time to ask questions and reserve additional watercraft rentals, like jet skis.

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