Eight Apps to Make You a Better Boater!

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Your smartphone obviously does a lot more than just make phone calls nowadays. Among many other things, you can send emails, check your bank account, take photos and subsequently post them to your social media accounts. It seems like these devices can practically do everything!

But can your smartphone make you a better boater? Though your phone can’t help you steer the boat any better, a variety of different apps can help you perform better out on the open water. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best apps for boaters:

  • MyRadar: Nothing can ruin your day out on the lake faster than a sudden storm. In fact, being on the water during a thunderstorm is dangerous and irresponsible. That’s why MyRadar exists! This app provides you with a detailed weather radar and forecast so you can know for sure whether or not you should bring your boat out onto the lake.
  • Fishbrain: From finding the nearest boat ramps to telling you where to reel in the biggest fish, this free app does it all! With Fishbrain, you can even track your catches and post them to your profile to brag to all of your friends. Fishbrain will even help point you to a marina if you’re in need of boat rental in Lewiston, CA.
  • Boating Suite: If you’re a serious boater, you need to seriously consider downloading Boating Suite. Though it’s not free, this logging app can do nearly everything for you. Track your fuel, expenses and maintenance reports, make a shopping list and much more all in this single app.
  • Clinometer: Precise measurements are crucial for boaters. Unfortunately, getting those measurements is tricky when you’re out on choppy water. Thankfully, Clinometer is here! Quickly and easily calculate slope measurements with this handy tool.
  • iNavX: Plan your sailing route, find the best fishing spots and get up-to-date weather conditions with iNavX. This chartplotter app is a must-have for anyone who takes their boating seriously.
  • S. Coast Guard Safety App: Safety should be your number one priority while you’re on your boat. Thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard’s free app, you can ensure that you’re as safe as possible at all times. In addition to giving you a safety checklist, this app lets you report problems to the Coast Guard at a moment’s notice.
  • Ayetides: If you’re planning on doing any boating on the open ocean, you should definitely download Ayetides. This app provides you with current tide conditions and graphs so you can adequately prepare for your trip.
  • Fishweather: Experienced anglers know that some days are better for reeling in whoppers than others due to wind speeds and water conditions. Download Fishweather and quickly determine whether today will have good fishing conditions, or if you should delay your fishing excursion for another day or two.

The next time you’re considering boat rental in Lewiston, CA, make sure you download a few of the apps above! You’re sure to have a better time out on the water if you have some of these helpful apps loaded onto your phone.

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