Be Boating Ready with Seasonal Maintenance

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Much like with your car or truck, your boat needs special care and maintenance throughout the year to ensure everything functions the way it should and your time on the water is as enjoyable as possible. But unless you’re an expert boater, you might not know exactly what all of that maintenance entails. This post will cover the steps that should be taken now to make sure your boat is ready for your next journey on the lake:

  • Repair hatches and portlights: Leaks coming through hatches and portlights are the bane of all boaters. Standing water leads to mold, mildew and a variety of other problems that necessitate expensive repair. Now that the season is almost over, make sure everything is sealed up nice and tight, and no water will leak into your boat during the offseason.
  • Engine flushing: Letting water sit in your boat’s engine for too long will lead to disaster as mineral buildup corrodes your engine’s components. The good news is that a quick flush with fresh water will take care of that problem for you. When you choose Trinity Alps Marina for boat storage in Lewiston, CA, our team members can quickly flush out your engine to ensure it’s ready to go next spring.
  • System inspection and maintenance: You might not realize it, but throughout the course of the summer, your battery’s wiring connections can start to become loose or corroded. That’s not a fun thing to find out when all you want to do is get out on the water! Now that you won’t be boating for a while, you’ll want to check the wiring connections for each battery terminal. Tighten any loose wiring and thoroughly clean each connection if they look less than perfect.

Why choose Trinity Alps Marina?

Assuming you don’t have a big garage to keep your boat inside during the winter, you’ll need to find a place for boat storage in Lewiston, CA. Though you have several options in the area, Trinity Alps Marina is your best bet. Here are a few reasons why boaters choose us over other options:

  • Safety and security: First and foremost, we provide your boat with 24/7 security. You’ll sleep well at night knowing that your boat is safe and out of harm’s way. We protect your boat from both the elements and any would-be boat thieves and vandals out there.
  • Save your time: If you have all of the right tools and knowhow, you could probably make the repairs and perform the maintenance mentioned above. But do you really want to spend your free time doing all of that? Luckily for you, we take care of all that maintenance when you store your boat at our marina.
  • Expert care and knowhow: Making boat repairs isn’t as easy as it may initially seem. There are specific steps that need to be taken to guarantee that your boat runs the way it’s meant to. Trying to make repairs by yourself can often lead to disaster, which is why we recommend letting our professionals perform all of your offseason maintenance.

Be sure to choose Trinity Alps Marina for your boat storage in Lewiston, CA. Our storage and maintenance packages are both affordable and care free. You can rest easy knowing that your boat will be in good hands throughout the offseason!

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