Great Prices on Houseboats at Our Marina in Lewiston, CA

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Are you interested in renting a houseboat? You won’t find better prices than at our marina in Lewiston, CA. We have a variety of base prices, and are also able to create custom quotes for large groups.

Here’s an overview of our pricing. Keep in mind that we require a $750 refundable security deposit on all rentals.

Season Houseboat Pricing

Custom 10+ sleeper

  • $428.57/night
  • 3 nights: $1,285.71
  • 4 nights: $1,714.28
  • 5 nights: $2,142.85
  • 6 nights: $2,571.42
  • 7 nights: $3,000.00

Starship 14-16 sleeper

  • $542.85/night
  • 3 nights: $1,628.55
  • 4 nights: $2,171.40
  • 5 nights: $2,714.25
  • 6 nights: $3,257.10
  • 7 nights: $3,800.00

Starship Flying Bridge 14-16 sleeper

  • $566.66/night
  • 3 nights: $1,699.98
  • 4 nights: $2,266.64
  • 5 nights: $2,833.30
  • 6 nights: $3,399.96
  • 7 nights: $3,968.62

Starship 2 Penthouse: 14-16 sleeper

  • $657.14/night
  • 3 nights: $1,971.42
  • 4 nights: $2,628.56
  • 5 nights: $3,285.70
  • 6 nights: $3,642.84
  • 7 nights: $4,600.00

Note that this is just the pricing for our houseboats. We also offer great deals on a variety of other boats, including 14-foot aluminum fishing boats, 21-foot wake board boats, 28-foot pontoon boats and 36-foot party deck boats for four-hour, daily and weekly increments, each of which has its own deposit pricing as well.

These houseboats, however, are ideal for longer excursions with larger groups of people. We’ve seen just about all types of groups come through and rent these houseboats for a weekend, a night or a week, including vacations for the whole extended family, family reunions, special events, bachelor parties, group bonding events and much more.

If you’ve never been on a houseboat before, you’re certain to enjoy the relaxation that comes with being out on the water, as well as the convenience of many of the amenities you’d find in your home. Whether you’re out in the middle of the water or tied up to the dock, you can truly feel “at home” despite actually being on the water.

These are highly competitive rates, many of which you won’t find matched at other nearby boat rental facilities. If you have any questions about these prices, or are interested in getting a custom quote for your specific group, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We’re in the busy season now for boat rentals, so it’s always a good idea to be ahead of the game when it comes to making your reservation and getting quotes.

At Trinity Alps Marina – Fairview, we are committed to helping our customers enjoy their time on the water to the fullest possible extent. We have over 15 years of experience providing boat rentals, equipment, boat repair and boat storage services to our customers, and we also have a fully stocked shop with all the equipment and supplies you need to get the most out of your time on the water. Contact our marina in Lewiston, CA today to learn more about what we can do to help you enjoy yourself!

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