Why Boat Maintenance Is Important During the Summer

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If you love being out on the water fishing, water skiing, cruising or just relaxing, then there’s a good chance you own a boat. Now, as you know, owning a boat is a lot of responsibility, from taking care of it to prepping it for the boating season to storing it properly. Take care of your boat and it will be around for years of enjoyment. Regardless of whether you usually care for your boat yourself or take it to a professional at a boat repair shop in Lewiston, CA, let’s take a closer look at why boat maintenance is so important during the summer months.

Important benefits of taking care of your boat

You wash your boat and change the oil when needed, but you should also perform an inspection every time before going out on the water. Add in regular maintenance and proper boat storage to ensure maximum boat performance and to prevent expensive boat repairs:

  • Increase safety: While it’s important to be aware of the local boating laws and know how to navigate your boat, you also must ensure your safety and the safety of everyone on board. Since boating safety is related to the condition of the boat, preventative maintenance is a must—inspect your boat regularly to avoid problems! After all, you don’t want your boat to break down in the middle of the lake, which puts the safety of everyone on board at risk.
  • Boost performance and fuel efficiency: A well maintained boat is more likely to perform better than a poorly maintained boat. Take changing the oil, for example—not following a regular oil changing schedule can cause your boat to run rough, rather than smooth like it should, which can lead to costly boat maintenance down the line. But if you keep up on boat maintenance, it will run better and be more fuel-efficient.
  • Extend its lifespan: Extending the lifespan of your boat is simple when you practice regular boat maintenance and good boat storage habits. Doing this also helps prevent costly repairs. To prolong the life of your boat and ensure your personal safety, make sure your maintenance checklist includes boat motor inspections, bilge pump checks, proper mooring, cleaning the battery and checking for moisture and rust. Regular and proper boat maintenance also contributes to a higher selling price should you decide to sell your vessel in the future.

Bonus: Check the boat trailer!

If you own a boat and store it at home or in a warehouse instead of docking at a marina, then you probably haul your boat on a trailer to get it to the water. In this case, make sure the wheel bearings are properly greased, that the tires are in good shape and that the brake and signal lights are working. Also, inspect the hitches on the trailer and the vehicle doing the towing for damage. Secure your boat to the trailer, and off you go!

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