Fishing Tournaments! Come Participate or Watch

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Are you looking for a fishing tournament? Come participate or watch! If you love the lure of the catch, you’re sure to have a great time. Need a boat for the tournament? Contact your local fishing boat rental in Lewiston, CA.

If you’ve never participated in a fishing tournament, you might not be familiar with all they have to offer. Here’s the full tackle box of information to get you started:

Fishing Tournament Basics

  • Competition: Fishing tournaments allow adults of all ages to compete at their favorite sport. You will be challenged to catch the most or biggest fish during the tournament time period. Some competitions involve partnerships or teams, while others are individual competitions.
  • Awards: Each fishing tournament requires an entry fee, which funds the payouts for the winners of the tournament. Of course, in addition to the monetary award, there are lifetime bragging rights.
  • Fun: For those who aren’t as competitive or for those who don’t win the tournament, there’s still the benefit of fun! Whether you win or not, you’ve still spent time fishing!

Fishing Tournaments in California

California waterways are filled with fishing tournaments throughout the season. For those who want to try their reel at black bass fishing, here a few of the upcoming tournaments for 2018.

  • California Tournament Trail: This contest will be held on April 14 at Don Pedro Reservoir.
  • Castaic Bass Club: The Club will be hosting a fishing contest on April 15 at Perris Reservoir.
  • Golden Empire Bass Club: Take part in this fishing tournament on May 5 at Lopez Lake.
  • Red Buff Bass Anglers: The Anglers will hold a contest on May 6 at Whiskeytown Lake.
  • Great Basin Bassers: Join the Bassers for their tournament on May 19 at Clear Lake.
  • Wild West Bass Trails: This sponsor is offering a contest on June 3 at Oroville Lake.
  • American Bass: Show up at Pyramid Lake on June 9 to participate in this bass contest.
  • National Bass Association: Fish at Diamond Valley Lake to compete in this contest on June 23.
  • All Out Bass: Join other fishermen at Clear Lake on June 24 to compete in this contest.

Is your bait already taken on these dates? No problem. This is merely a sampling of the myriad fishing contests available. Find one that fits your availability and location. Check out a complete listing provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife here.

Don’t Forget the Boat!

You don’t have to own a boat to compete in these tournaments. Simply contact your local fishing boat rental in Lewiston, CA to equip yourself with the perfect vessel for the day. Launch, fish, win, then return your rental. It’s that easy!

Boat Rentals in Lewiston, CA

For expert advice on the best fishing boat rentals in Lewiston, CA, contact the pros at Trinity Alps Marina. Our experienced staff will help you determine which vessel is best for your outing. We’ll do all we can to give you the advantage at your next fishing tournament! Reach out to us today to make arrangements for your next rental.

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