Renting a Boat: Boat Rentals Guide

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Renting a boat might be the perfect bridge activity while you are waiting to purchase a boat of your own. You can try various boat types until you find something you want to keep for a lifetime. The following is a quick boat rental guide to help prepare you for your first experience. 

How Old Must You Be To Rent a Boat?

Each rental company has its own guidelines regarding age. Typically, customers can rent a boat at 18 years of age. However, some companies may set their minimum age higher for insurance reasons. It’s not uncommon for a provider to ask that its renters be at least 25 years of age. 

How Much Does a Boat Rental Cost?

Unfortunately, the cost of renting a boat is not uniform across the board. Thus, you might find a boat rental for $40 an hour and then go to a different facility and receive a $400 quote. The prices vary according to the location, boat type, and amenities you get with your boat ride. 

How Do You Figure Out How To Drive a Boat?

How you learn how to drive a boat depends on you. Some boat rental programs will allow you to pay extra for an instructor to show you how to operate the boat. You might even have an instructor next to you during your travels. This person might row alongside you to ensure that you and your riders stay safe at all times. 

Another way to learn how to ride or drive a boat is to find an outside resource for lessons. Private companies may offer your lessons. Just remember to get quotes and compare notes. You’ll get the most advantageous pricing that way. 

What Do You Need To Take on the Boat With You?

You’ll need to take everything with you that will make your experience enjoyable. For example, you should take a fishing rod if you intend to fish and water toys if you want to play games. You should also take some food and snacks with you for the ride.

Additionally, don’t forget your life jacket, no matter what you do. Your life jacket will keep you afloat if anything unusual happens while you are in the water. There is never a time when it’s acceptable not to have a life jacket on. 

Where Do You Rent a Boat?

You can rent a boat from many places, but renting one from a reliable company with good pricing, positive reviews, and all the credentials you need to see will be most beneficial. Contact at least three boat rental companies near you and ask all the questions you need to ask about their products and services.

Use the company that seems the most reputable and has the type of boat you desire.  

Now you know a little about how to rent a boat and what to take with you. Start looking for an amazing boat to rent and bring your boat-riding journey today.

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