5 Tips for Protecting Your Boat Motor During the Winter Months

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Are you wondering how to prepare your boat motor for winter months? As the winter approaches, boat owners may be taking additional steps to ensure that their boat remains safe during the season. You can do several things to ensure it is ready and prepared for the spring and summer.

Tips for Protecting Your Boat During the Winter

Here are 5 tips to prepare your boat motor for winter:

  • Clean your boat – Make sure you give your boat a good cleaning on the exterior and interior before you store it for winter. If you have any personal items on your boat, such as electronics and others, be sure to remove them before storing your boat. Additionally, you may need to do a little more to minimize the amount of moisture that gets into your boat while it is being stored. You can use a dehumidifier inside your boat to help.
  • Change the oil – One of the most important parts of any boat, or car, is the engine. You should tend to your engine a little more during the winter seasons. Before you change the engine oil, you can begin by inspecting the various parts of your engine and seeing the oil levels. Also, you should turn the engine on to warm it up while you are changing the oil. Don’t forget to check that there are no leaks.
  • Battery care – Don’t forget to check your boat’s batteries for corrosion and remove them before you store your boat. Be sure that you store your batteries in a cool, dry area. You don’t have to plug them in and charge them monthly. You can also let them stay on a trickle charger. If you believe you may need new batteries, be sure to salvage the previous ones.
  • Check Propeller – Don’t forget to give your propeller a little TLC. Inspect the bearings and check for any seals that may be leaking. While these are repairs that can be taken care of while your boat is still in the water, it is a lot easier to take care of during the winter months. When checking the propeller, make sure that there is no damage. If you notice damage, be sure to replace it or repair it if possible. The blades should also be checked for dents and breakage.
  • Cover the boat – Finally, don’t forget to cover your boat before storing it for the winter. Don’t just use any boat cover. Make sure that you find a boat cover that is right for your boat. You can use tarps, but you will also need a barrier to lay between the boat and the tarp. Besides tarps, you can consider using boat covers that are made from polyester, vinyl, cotton, or acrylic that are made for the specifications of your boat. You can also try a vinyl or polyester cover that is water and mildew-resistant.

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