Tying Up at the Docks: A How-To Guide

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Here at Trinity Alps Marina, we frequently hear from boat enthusiasts and those who are interested in getting involved with boats the concern: "I don’t know how to dock my boat". It can be a big issue if you own a boat and don’t know how to get all the value that you possibly can out of it. Not knowing how to dock it is a worry, and, understandably, many people want to resolve their lack of understanding of this process as rapidly as possible. Fortunately, we have more than a few tips on how to get your boat docked safely and securely. 

A Clean Hitch

If you are trying to learn how to tie off a boat, you can pick up many examples of what NOT to do when you are walking down a pier or marina. There are sure to be literally dozens of examples of badly tied-off hitches. Many people simply never take the time to truly learn what they are doing with this, and they end up with less than ideal results. Thus, you may see tie-offs that are poorly put together. 

Instead of following that example, learn how to keep it simple and get great results from your hitch tie-up. All that you will need to do to achieve these results is try to keep things as simple as possible. Just do three turns around the cleat’s horn to get your knot tied up perfectly. 

Boat Docking Tips

Those looking for boat docking tips can also get them from our professionals. There are a lot of ways to dock your boat, but you won’t be doing it just right until you learn the strategies used by those who do this kind of thing all the time. 

What you mainly want to focus on are your dock lines. These correspond with the positions on the boat that you need to tie up. When you bring these together with the parts of the boat that you need to tie up, then you will set yourself up to get your boat properly docked and where it needs to be. 

Docking your boat properly requires patience and discipline, and you may not get it right on the first try. That said, you can continue practicing and studying how to line the proper parts of your boat up with the tie-ins available on the pier or marina, and you should be all set. 

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