Routine Boat Maintenance

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A boat operates similarly to a car. To improve the efficiency and safety of your boat, you should ensure it undergoes regular maintenance and care to keep it running smoothly. A boat can last long if it experiences routine maintenance and frequent inspections, similar to a car.

Routine boat maintenance goes beyond a visual inspection. It includes making regular boat cleanings and washings after every trip. Below is a boat maintenance guide with tips and basics on properly maintaining your boat to create more fun memories. 

Regular Cleaning of the Boat Exterior

Cleaning the boat exterior includes cleaning the visible outer parts of the boat to enhance its beauty and avoid the spread of invasive species. Additionally, cleaning the exterior features of your boat protects the structure of your boat from the damage that sea salt can cause.

Salt is an abrasive component that can erode the exterior parts of your boat that would otherwise be costly to polish or clean. Also, while cleaning the external parts of your boat, it is essential to avoid chemically-toxic products that would also pollute water. 

Regular Boat Engine Maintenance

The boat’s engine or motor is the most crucial automobile feature that requires regular maintenance. A boat’s engine is the vessel’s heart that keeps it running for a long time. One of the best ways to maintain your boat engine includes ensuring that your engine is always on fuel and the vented fuel is always opened.

Secondly, the engine mount screw lamps should always be tightly closed and secured. While boating through the waters, significant amounts of debris can clog your engine. To avoid this, preventative measures such as ensuring the water intake is free from debris should be taken to improve the engine life of your boat. 

It is highly recommendable to flush the motor after every boating trip to ensure the motor is free from sand, debris, and dirt and avoid corrosion of the boat engine walls. 

Safely and Properly Store Your Boat

How and where you store your boat matters greatly in determining whether it will last longer and operate smoothly. Proper storage of your boat plays a critical role in protecting it from potential damage related to extreme weather conditions, particularly during winter. 

The blocks of ice, snow, and rain experienced during winter might damage your boat if left outdoors due to lack of airflow and mildew build-up. Proper boat storage also ensures that your boat functions efficiently even after weeks or months of inactivity. 

There are three safe places to store your boat, including water, outdoors, and indoors. Keeping your boat on water protects it from damage that blocks of ice might cause since warm water always settles at the bottom of the boat’s surface.

If you opt to store your boat outdoors, it is essential to cover it using shrink wrappings to protect it from the elements. The proper shrink-wrappings allow easy ventilation, which keeps your boat safe and adequately maintained.

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