What You Need to Know About Renting a Pontoon Boat

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Pontoon boat rentals vary from one location to another as to the rules you must follow to rent one.

Age Requirements/Licenses

At most rental locations, you need to be 21 or over to rent a pontoon boat, although some with lesser powerful motors may allow an 18-year-old to rent a boat. Most agencies require you to have a Boater’s Safety Certificate with a photo ID on it as well.


The deposit to hold a boat for you is usually refundable if you cancel your reservation 48 hours in advance. Another deposit you may need to make is to ensure the boat is returned unharmed. You should look over the boat carefully for scratches or dents before you take it out and make note of any damages so you will not be charged for them.

Gasoline Charges/Life Jackets

Usually, your pontoon boat rental will come with a full tank of gas. When you return it, the gas gauge is checked and you will be charged for the amount of gas you used.

Pontoon boat rentals come with life jackets for each member that is going on the boat. Be sure to tell them how many adults and children you are expecting to get the right size and amount of life jackets.

More Info for Renting a Pontoon Boat

Also, be aware of the time. If you are even going to be a few minutes late to pick up the boat, call the rental store. Otherwise, you can lose your deposit and your boat may be rented out to someone else. Also, take the boat back on time, or you will be facing an extra fee as well.

How Many People Can Go On The Boat?

Your pontoon boat rental is based on the total weight of persons and coolers and equipment that you carry on it, but not as to how many people go on the boat. Everyone’s weight is estimated and added together, and it can’t exceed the maximum weight allowance that is listed for the boat. Several children can go on the boat in the place of an adult who is heavy.

Fishing Rules/Companions

You can fish from pontoon boat rentals, but you will need to bring your own fishing gear and your fishing license. Some rental companies allow you to bring your dog on board as well, but there may be an additional cleanup fee to clean the dog’s hair from the carpet.

Generally, make certain you read the rental paperwork so you know all the charges you may incur and ask any questions you may have before heading out on the water for a day of fun.


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