What to Know About California Water Levels

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Water levels in California’s scenic waterways affect a wide range of things, ranging from the state’s political landscape to the number of fish swimming through rivers and lakes. Depending on the amount of water in California’s alpine lakes, fishing experiences can be drastically different. Knowing how water levels affect the way that fish interact with their environment can help you determine the best locations to look for your desired catch, in addition to assisting you in determining the most effective types of bait and tackle in Lewiston, CA.

California’s decades-long drought has undoubtedly taken its toll on waterways; however, in recent months, record-breaking rainfall is helping to restore natural habitats for fish and other marine animals. Depending on the time of year, water levels may change drastically, even within just a few weeks. You should always consult with team members working in a shop selling bait and tackle in Lewiston, CA before embarking on your fishing expedition.

High water conditions

If you are planning to fish in one of California’s alpine lakes early in the season—between March and May, for instance—you will probably be dealing with atypically high water levels. During the spring, snow melt in the mountains causes water levels in lakes and rivers to swell, which has interesting ecological impacts on native fish populations.

Because there is more water present, fish have more space to spread out inside the lake. This means that you will likely have to cover more ground during your fishing expedition. The best way to address this is to rent or use a watercraft capable of rapidly moving you across large swaths of the lake’s surface. The more surface you can troll, the more likely you are of ending the day with success.

Low water conditions

California is infamous for its low water levels throughout much of the year. Between early summer and early winter, you are likely to experience low water levels in California’s alpine lakes and streams.

Stagnant water repels fish, which seek out fresh, oxygen-rich water sources. Identifying any source of incoming water is the best way to successfully make a catch in low water conditions.

Depending on what you are attempting to catch, your approach to fishing in a lake with a low water level may need to change. Consult with a shop selling bait and tackle in Lewiston, CA to be certain about how you should approach every species in your specific water conditions.

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