Fishing in California

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California is known for its excellent seafood and fish, which is caught fresh in both saltwater and freshwater bodies. If you are looking for an exciting and interesting way to experience the finest foods that the Golden State has to offer, you should try your hand at catching your very own seafood in one of California’s scenic alpine lakes! There are a number of delicious fishes that can be found swimming in high-altitude lakes throughout the state.

Working with a knowledgeable provider of boat rental in Lewiston, CA is the best way to ensure that you’re properly outfitted to catch your favorite fish. You should consult with one of the experts at Trinity Alps Marina before departing on your fishing expedition. Depending on the type of fish you are aiming to eat, we can assist you with procuring the correct types of bait and tackle that you need to succeed. Here are just some of the most common fish you can catch in California’s scenic Trinity Lake:

  • Landlocked salmon: Salmon are the pride of the Pacific Coast. You don’t have to travel to the ocean to try your hand at catching one of these delicious fish, however! You can catch a landlocked salmon in many of California’s alpine lakes and reservoirs, including Trinity Lake.
  • Largemouth bass: Largemouth bass are members of the sunfish family that thrive in freshwater. If you are an experienced sports fisherman, you know that largemouth bass are prized for the fight that they put up while on the fishing line. Catching a largemouth bass is an exciting and invigorating experience!
  • Bass: Smallmouth bass, typically just called bass, are also found in abundance in Trinity Lake! Similar to their larger relatives, bass are known for putting up a significant fight while on the line. They are also known for their white, delicate flesh that makes for delicious fillets!
  • Kokanee: Kokanees, also called red salmon, are known for their large bodies and flavorful, reddish-pink flesh. Kokanees are excellent sources of a wide range of vitamins and fatty acids, making them both healthy to eat and fun to catch! Be sure to ask about kokanee fishing while going through the process of boat rental in Lewiston, CA.
  • Catfish: These bottom-feeders are known for their tender, flavorful flesh. There’s no better place to hunt for catfish than in the scenic, clear and clean waters of California’s alpine Trinity Lake. Catfish consumption can also carry a number of health benefits, as catfish are a significant source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Since 2003, Trinity Alps Marina has been the premier provider of boat rental in Lewiston, CA. You can count on us to provide you with an engaging, exciting fishing experience throughout our operating season. We are a full-service marina capable of outfitting you with the tools that you need to successfully spend a day fishing out on the lake. To learn more about our extensive range of rental products and services, you should reach out to one of our talented representatives at your earliest possible convenience. We can help you determine the best way to catch your favorite fish!

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